How to lead a happy life

This is not a question that most of us ask ourselves. We usually just want to be happy and that’s it! Here are some helping questions in your way to happiness.

1. What is that thing that makes your day come through?

Stop concentrating on that bad hour you had, but think of something that you long to do. Maybe it’s eating that pint of ice cream that’s waiting for you at home, maybe is finally finishing that book, seeing your loved ones or going for a workout. As long as it makes you happy, it really doesn’t matter. The most important thing is that in your darkest moment think of that little joy that awaits for you at the end of the day.

Even if things change, it doesn’t mean you won’t have your blissful moment. You just need to adapt it to your new schedule. Remember: You create that moment!

DIY: Make a list of small things that make you happy. In that way, you can keep track of them and do as many as you can. It’s not a competition, it’s something restful for yourself.

2. Do you see your smaller goals?

I’m talking about those kind of goals you usually ignore. Something like doing a fifteen minute workout or managing to do the groceries even though you would have prefered to sleep in. Celebrate this small things as they end up making each of our day.

Don’t be too harsh if you didn’t manage to do something. It’s human to make mistakes and learn from them. Ask yourself why you weren’t able to do it and see what you can do in order to improve. Small steps can get you really far!

3. Do you have a hobby?

A hobby should bring forth your true-self perspective and express your inner feelings. It’s not something you do every day, like a job or school, but it would still focus on your ambitions. If the career would make you grow, the hobby should make you blossom.

Some of us don’t have it and it’s pretty hard to find one, even if it doesn’t seem so. These are some of the steps that might help you out:

  • Think of what you liked to do in your childhood.
  • You would need to work on three importants things: mind, soul and body. Choose a hobby that is complementary to your job from this point of view. If you are used to an office job, it would be better for you to find a sporty activity. If you interact with lots of people, try something that you can do by yourself. The key is to find the right balance for you.
  • Start visiting different stores. Maybe you see something that sparks your interest: a dress that you would like to make, some paintings that eagers you to grab your brushes or some hiking equipment that makes you long for some nature time.
  • Go online for new ideas. There is always something you might have not taken in consideration.
  • Try more than just one activity and see what suits you best.
  • Talk with somebody and find out what they are doing in their free time.
  • Even searching for the right hobby can be your hobby. Trying different things every now and then might work for somebody that gets easily bored.

Even if you already have a hobby, it might not be the right one. If you feel that, try something new and adjust it to your schedule. Don’t remain stuck on the past as you change every day.

DIY: Write down what you like doing and connect as many as possible in one activity. Try making that your hobby.

4. Have you seen your friends?

Sometimes you need to get out of the house with your friends and go on an adventure. It doesn’t really matter what you’re going to do, as long as you take some time off and have fun together.

Unfortunately, more and more people from all around the world tend to stay indoors and connect with others through the internet. This can really drain yourself without even noticing. Isolating yourself from the world may lead to all kinds of other problems, like anxiety, depression or other social issues. Even if they seem minor, they might aggravate in time. All these can be solved by working on communication.

Humans were adapted to communicate and live with one another, so do this once in a while, even if you are not really that sociable. And no, interactions from work or school do not count as the desired communication I’m talking about. A beer with a friend, a night out with your loved one, staying with your family, all this make a healthy life.

5. What sets you back?

Sometimes, whatever you do, nothing seems to work. At that point you need to take a break and reconsider your choices. Are there some mistakes you don’t even notice?

Some of us try to chase the wrong kind of persons that just consume all our energy and leave us in an exhausted state of mind. Not taking a break from time to time is another common mistake or not giving yourself enough time to understand what you actually need. You just end up being unhappy because you don’t actually know what you want to go for.

Unreal expectations from looking at others might cause some damage that you won’t notice at first, but it can cause real harm to yourself. You are not like others and they are not like you, as each one of us evolve at our on pace and in different ways. Take your time because what you can do may not be done by someone else. Also, take in consideration that what someone else does might not be for you. Always keep this in mind when you don’t feel good enough after comparing yourself to others.

6. Can you find the toxic person?

Finding the energy draining people in your life is like trying to find Waldo: unless someone points them out, there is little chance you’ll find them. Some of them are friends, coworkers and even family. If that person makes you feel useless or not enough, it’s a good idea to keep a distance.

We all know we can’t keep distance from every person that is toxic, especially with coworkers, but we can reduce the interaction to a minimum. Make your discussions only work related and try to avoid anything else. That does not mean hiding in the hallway or in your office from them. You need to find other people to surround yourself with in order for them to keep a distance.

With toxic family members is the same situation. Try to space away from that person and keep communication to the lowest level possible. It can get hard at the beginning, but with time you’ll start to cope with the whole situation.

7. Can you accept your mistakes?

Be kinder, starting with yourself. Sometimes is not your fault, but when it is, learn from that mistake and don’t punish yourself. An old saying goes “Errare humanum est sed perseverare diabolicum”, meaning that it’s human to make mistake, but to continue doing them is diabolical. Accept your mistakes and embrace what you learn!

All in all…

It doesn’t take much to be happier on a daily basis. This were some steps you can take for improving your lifestyle and by changing the way you think, your whole world might start feeling different for you. Take a big breath and start making small steps towards a joyful life you always wanted. Don’t forget, every day counts and by starting today you are closer to your goal. Be you and be happy.

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