A week in Bavaria, Germany

Day 1:

A hectic day to say the least. We arrived at Arnstorf at about 9:30am and unpacked straight away. After showering and spraying ourselves we headed to the ‘Freibad’, the outdoor public pool which is 2 euros per person to enter. We spent some hours there and then went to our first stop: Rudi and Steffi’s house. My dad met them through his friend Steve, who also came with his family.

Day 2:

Bayern Park (Bavarian theme park). This was one of the best days, unexpectedly. The park was filled with rides that were way faster than advertised. There was unfortunately way too much walking involved which meant I had a nap- too much walking aggravates my hip problems.

Day 3:

On the third day we went to the Freibad again, this time one in Pfarrkirchen rather than central Arnstorf. As expected for a pale person, I have to apply sun cream religiously. The Freibads were the best- a huge swimming pool, kid’s area, diving boards, slides, and kiosks that sold overpriced food. Despite the fact that the food was overpriced, on our first day we couldn’t do anything about it. The schwimmbad was a 15 minute walk and we forgot food, so we were forced to buy the food there. However, at Pfarrkirchen Freibad, I stocked up.
Two different types of crisps (family grab bags), 1.5 litres of iced tea, 4 bottles of water, mango and grapes.
Bringing a bunch of food allowed us to spend far more time there as we didn’t need to go home to get more food.

Side note: I found that through experience there’s a perfect kit you can bring to the swimming pool when you’re on holiday. Of course this doesn’t apply to villa accommodation because you can shower in your room. But, if you’re like me and walked to the pool then I think you’ll find the kit list very helpful. I’ll be writing about this after my Austria post.

Thank you for reading 🙂 I’ve been finding it really hard to post and have a life too, so if my content seems sparse that’s why 🙂

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