Germany in Conclusion

Hey. My holiday’s over, and I finally have enough time to write about it. Alongside Germany, I also went to Austria. I’ll be talking about this in a separate post.

I’m writing this on the plane home, and hopefully one and a half hours is enough time to compile my entire holiday into a website post.

It all started on the 2nd August, 10 days ago. Our flight was at 5 in the morning and we got a taxi there, and at this moment everybody was relaxed and the family was extremely keen for the holiday. Upon arriving at Heathrow terminal 5, I guided my mum and Rueben through check-in as I had flown to Dubai just a week prior. We made our way through the check-in desk and scanned our mobile boarding passes to walk through to security. Much to my sadness the scanner-man threw away my favourite expensive face wash, which I happened to mention in my previous post ‘Staying organised on holiday’. I hate to be dramatic, but I cried… £7 to me is a lot!

We went to a couple of shops to window shop because we spent all our money on the plane tickets… What a joke. The flight was painless and quick, a mere 2 hours compared to my monstrous flight to Dubai- 7 hours.

Upon arrival at Munich airport I quickly had a passport check and walked through to the café in the centre. My dad was waiting for us with a hot chocolate in hand- quickly my mum and brother followed.

We made our way through the terminal to Budget car rental and waited a whole 2 hours for our rental car- during this time my mum and I went to McDonald’s to get some limited edition battered shrimp from their new collection, and then we bought my dad a salami roll from a little shop in the airport.


Fast forward 2 hours, and we’re in the rental car, a sporty ford. From Munich to Arnstorf was about 2 hours more or less- we admired the landscape as we went through the countryside. Early in the day was definitely the best time to arrive, because we had the whole day to sort ourselves out. At this point it was about 10:30-11:00am and we were arriving at Lindner’s hotel which was where we collected our apartment keys from.


From one side of Arnstorf to the other, we made our way to our flat. One apartment to my parents and one for my brother and I- they were spacious and minimalistic which was how we liked it. After unpacking everything in our new apartments we made our way out.

Thanks for reading, I’ve got another post coming soon detailing my week there.







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