Taking a break in between Countries

I arrived home on the 21st July at around 2:00pm. It was a relaxing flight, minus the girl in front of me who insisted on reclining her seat as far in my face as it would go. The stress in me escalated as literally every twenty minutes she put her seat back up straight, which made my iPad fall down the back of the seat and unplug from my headphones. I kicked her seat a couple of times to try and make it clear to her that I was mad but she stood up, turned around and stared me dead in the eyes. She continued to recline her seat and then ping it back straight, which wound me up immensely.

The other interesting aspect of my flight back home was the seating arrangement. All two of the back rows were occupied by people with hearing aids. As you might know, I am hearing impaired and wear a hearing aid, but am not profoundly deaf. The rest of the back two rows, however, to no exaggeration wore hearing aids in both ears and were all profoundly deaf, which meant that the flight attendant came to the back and signed the safety ritual to us, which I found amusing and appreciated the fact that they catered to the deaf peoples’ needs. This cheered me up. The odd thing was, only two to three max people knew each other, which means it was all a massive coincidence that all of the hearing impaired people were sat in the two back rows. This meant we all collectively had satisfyingly quiet and relaxing flights because none of us could hear the screaming children seated at the front of the plane.

Upon leaving the plane I was subjected to an annoying game of Marco-Polo with my mum and uncle- there was a definite lack of communication. After searching the entire outside of the airport, I went inside and there they were. I went to my aunts because she lives close to Heathrow, and my uncle drove while my mum sat passenger. I told my aunt about the funny deaf-organisation that had happened on the plane and I moaned to everybody about the inconsiderate girl in front of me.

In Dubai I got quite a few things. I’m going to recite to them as they come by memory, so this is not the order in which I bought them.

The first cosmetic item is a ‘The Balm’ face palette, which I love. I would highly recommend this palette because although it is pricey, it comes with every powdered

Related image

product you’d need for a full face of makeup. Upon searching for this, I found many cheaper listed highlite ‘n con tour palettes. I bought mine at Sephora in the Dubai Mall on my visit for £40 and was extremely bummed to see it being sold for less than twenty pounds online.

At least I know this now, after concluding that I’d like to in fact start collecting The Balm products because I really enjoy the formula. Its’ easy to blend formula makes it so easy for me to build bronzed looks from a sheer foundation. 9/10!

I also bought a blending brush from h&m, reduced from £5 to £3, I thought to myself that

Image result for morphe fluffy brush

I haven’t got a fluffy blending brush (for eyeshadow) in my brush collection and knew

that £3 was a bargain, upon testing it. I got back to the apartment and used it with my peach eyeshadow palette and was pleasantly surprised, as it resembles one of the

morphe eyeshadow fluffy brushes. Steal! Next.

I got a couple items of clothing but I no longer have any photos of them. I made a huge mistake with my phone. I logged out of my iCloud and re-logged in because of a glitch problem I was having, and this resulted in me losing all of my photos, which apparently weren’t backed up to iCloud… So mad! From h&m I got a polka dot v-neck crop top because I didn’t pack my white crop top to pair with my skirt. Without purchasing this polka crop top I wouldn’t be able to wear my yellow skirt. I can’t remember how much this was, oops. I also got a mesh bodysuit which is yellow with daisies printed all over it. It’s kind of transparent so I’m planning what to wear under it. Jess gave me some ideas.

I’m going to Germany on the second of August, just over a week from now. As I’ve been visiting Bavaria annually since I was young, I look forward to it every year. As well as Germany, I’ve been super excited to share my experience with you all on both my YouTube channel and this blog, because these are the years I will cherish and I hope what I post will stay on the internet forever. Germany has a place in my heart and I hope to one day live there but for now, I can only post for you all to see. I hope you enjoy, thank you for reading.

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