Travelling from London to Dubai

This is amazing. First, an executive taxi takes me to London’s Heathrow Terminal five, and within the blink of an eye, I am on a plane. As if this couldn’t get any better, the two people beside me aren’t here, meaning I have three seats to sprawl myself across. I’ve so far watched two movies and am writing this four hours into my flight. It’s midnight, and I have three hours left- I’m set to arrive in Dubai at 7:10am, and it will be the start of a new day when I get there meant I’m going to be awake for 48 hours, Sheesh.

First, my driver listened to practically my life story as he asked me questions to keep the conversation going, the car was clean and air-conditioned and it instantly put me in the best mood as if I wasn’t happy enough heading to London for my trip.

The second we arrived at Heathrow Terminal five, we got out and the driver passed me my suitcase. I handed him the fare (£60, amazing price for an hour’s drive) and made my way into the sliding doors which lead to the terminal, and I admired the little message boards which my dad designed. It made me smile.


Upon arrival, I met with a friendly woman who helped me go where I needed to be, after telling her I had never travelled on my own before she was much nicer and directed me to the check-in desks which I waited at for about half an hour. At this point I was fairly angry, considering I was the first in line but the man at the counter took half an hour to ready himself.

I took a few steps to the counter and a bubbly check-in guy took my passport and scanned my boarding pass which was handily on my phone- apple never fails to amaze with its ideas. Apple wallet is truly the best invention ever. The young man informed me that I didn’t in fact ‘look 16’ and told me he’d check in my handbag into the hold for free, to which I kindly declined; I told him I had to change my shoes after security because my heels were making my feet uncomfortably sweaty. He smiled at me and said, “you women are all the same” to which I wasn’t sure to laugh or kind of grimace, but I laughed because I couldn’t be bothered to be offended. I was really in too good a mood.

I carried on the conversation with the check-in clerk for a good five minutes and came to realise why the previous man took so long, the check-in man was a chatterbox. Kind of annoying.

I headed to security where I scanned my boarding pass and placed all of my hand luggage including my apple watch into the thick plastic container which was rolled on wheels. I walked through the scanner and was stopped, I was asked to remove my heels. I did so and had to place my legs a shoulders width apart and put my hands above my head. Probably the most embarrassing moment of the day so far.

I got my bags back and changed my shoes like I promised my rude-check-in-clerk friend. My feet thanked me. Upon making my way to the nearest Starbucks, I passed a friendly looking European store representative, and he stopped me by waving a piece of paper with Chanel on it. This worked; it smelled incredibly good. “Pardon?” I said as I took out my earphones, “would you like some perfume?” He said with a German accent. I love Germans. “Ja,” I said instinctively, which is my colloquial version of ‘yes please’. Thankfully he didn’t take offence to my informal tone, and replied, “Deutschland!” I was shocked because nobody ever points out how I say ‘ya’ instead of ‘yes’…

“You have the accent,” he said as I shook my head. “No way. I’m from England- but I’m part German,” “Wow, I don’t believe you,” he said as he laughed. “You sound so German,” he said in German. “I have a good German accent when I speak it,” I replied, also in German. We spoke in the language for about ten minutes, and I asked where I could find a McDonald’s or KFC. He told me to never eat there because if I didn’t I could be a ‘supermodel’ because I have such a ‘good body’, both things I’m not sure he’d say if he knew how old I was.


I left, and he told me to return for a spray of the Chanel perfume just before I boarded. I agreed and went to Starbucks as he had recommended, I spent £6-something on an ‘all day breakfast’ roll which was cooked, and a medium hot chocolate with soy milk and cream on top. I ate alone at the café and thought about the travelling I had yet to experience. I was dreading it.


I made my way to gate C. I was boarding at C54, so I got on the transit and within a few minutes I was at C. I walked to the waiting area and listened to some music and topped up the charge on my phone with my power bank, only for five minutes to pass and finding out we could board already. The timing could not have been more perfect today. The priority boarded, most of which had bags and shoes worth well over a thousand pounds. Five more minutes passed and I had boarded the plane and was making myself comfortable. The boy to my left went and sat elsewhere, and the seat in-between us remained vacant until takeoff. Upon finding this out I found it hard not to jump for joy, this seven-hour flight was to be good. I had more leg room than the people in business class.

I took all three blankets and all six pillows and made myself a bed, large pillows and raised the armrests after takeoff. I watched two movies and then the food and drinks came rolling towards me.


I ordered a coke with ice and then an apple juice once the cart came back the other way, who cares if they think I’m greedy, the only thing I’d drank that day was a hot chocolate which was NOT thirst quenching. I got rice and chicken, a small piece of cheese, and some other small things. I really pity the vegans out here because what would they’ve eaten? At least I’m not vegan.


I ate the tray of food and got a coffee, which I drank as I watched another movie.

I watched ‘downsizing’, a movie about people shrinking. It made the time pass fast, and now to make the last 2 hours and 44 minutes pass, I’m writing this post to get it done with. I’ve been planning writing this since Colin and I discussed it.

I’ll write about arriving at Dubai airport and the remainder of this flight in my next post, “arriving at Dubai”, and then I’ll post about how my days go every single day until I leave; and then when I leave I shall write a post about my journey back. It’s all about

getting blogging experience so my employers can see how I experience things.

Of course, I’m typing this on my phone which means there will be inevitable spelling errors and misspells. I’ll also try to take photos in surplus, this website could do with some personal photos.

Thank you for reading another one of my posts- every time I write, I try to write better and more interestingly just so you find my blogs worthwhile. I hope Dubai opens my mind up to the cultural differences and I’m very excited to explore the culture and use this as a point of learning for my personal development. Thanks again.


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