How to Stay Positive

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How I Stay Positive: A detailed article based on my own personal experiences 

This kind of article has been on my list for a while now. When I write articles, I intend for them to be as useful as possible; I think my advice is often quite appreciated because it’s all based off of my own personal experiences. Despite this, not all of it will apply to you and that’s okay, just try to enjoy the article, leave a comment too if you have any suggestions for edits or just to let me know if you liked anything in particular.


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This doesn’t have to be strictly business- being organised overall betters my mood. When I’m cluttered and don’t know what I’m doing, I find it stresses me out so much. Surely this applies to you too, unless you’re a more relaxed personality type. If that’s the case, then I envy you. But for me, no can do. For me to be in my optimum environment, I have to have complete organisation.

This applies to everything; I like to plan my journeys, I like to keep my room organised so I know what I need when I go shopping, and I plan a schedule for when people come to visit so I know when to book in clients and working. I like to keep my work life and social life balanced otherwise I find it becomes more unhealthy.

All in all, I would definitely recommend re-assessing your organisation if you’d like to take steps to optimise your happiness. This article slightly links to my How To Be Your Best Self article because ‘being your best self’ comes hand in hand with being happy. Regardless, you can separate the two because happiness is more emotional and ‘being your best self’ could cover lots of categories. Regardless, onto the next point.


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Nothing is directly linked to happiness more than friendships. Having healthy relationships with the ones you love is the most important way to say happy and maintain this feeling.

When you feel sad and hopeless and need people to be there for you, you want genuine friends that care for you and more importantly put you before themselves (not all the time, when it matters most). This is why it is so crucial for you to filter out your genuine friends and disconnect from the fakes- or ‘temporary‘ I prefer to call them. There’s a difference between temporary and real- temporary will pretend to care, and it’ll most likely only be over social media. Real friends, however, will visit you, go out of their way to cheer you up, and most importantly include you in their lives.

Finding yourself real, life long, loyal friends will help you place yourself in a permanent position of happiness, of course including those inevitable bouts of sadness- but this all makes us stronger… if you’ll excuse the cheesy cliché saying.

Relationships with loved ones, be it long or short term, differ from person to person. You’ll come across asexuals/aromantics and people that do not want relationships, and they’ll be happy. They have friendships and that’s what’s keeping them satisfied. You might not be of this sexuality/romantic orientation, but you might not want a relationship and that’s okay! Who cares how many people you see, how many failed relationships it takes for you to find the right one, or how many people try to pursue you. At the end of the day you need to do what makes you happy, and in the end we’re all aiming for the same thing- happiness.

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