Be The Best Version Of Yourself.

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You can be the best version of yourself given you realise your full potential and capabilities. You’re capable of whatever you set yourself to do, and by realising this early on you can be the best version of yourself and live a satisfied life.

1) Personal Hygiene

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By putting extra care into your personal hygiene, you can actually improve your mental health and quality of life. By compiling a to-do list of things to do, you’ll get that brilliant sense of accomplishment that we all strive for. Take good care of your body, staying in top shape will boost your confidence and give you something to talk about. Also, caring for your skin (not only face, your entire body) will give you a glow and will also boost your confidence, if you are struggling with your skin then the next step would be to see a dermatologist so you can get it fixed. Conversely, if you are happy with your skin how it is, embrace it. You don’t need clear skin to be beautiful, and you don’t need to be beautiful to be valid.

Image result for pamper routineSome of the products listed above are great ways to rejuvenate skin leaving it with a great glow. Click the image to read the blog post by Jordan Courtney about pampering.

2) Completing your to-do lists

We all have subconscious ideas and tasks in our heads but never get around to doing them. Then, they all build up and this leads to stress that we brush off, and then we end up creating more trouble that we could’ve avoided. Image result for to do listIf you write down all of your tasks (who cares how big they are, you’re trying)

To be continued…

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