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I’ve been a Freelancer for a year now.

And along the way, I’ve picked up skills and experience from all kinds of employers- whether they’re good or bad. The only positive thing about experiencing bad employers is definitely that you learn how to deal with them in the future.

1) Know Your Worth

If they don’t agree to your prices, do not work for them.
The average price for freelancers to charge is by word. For beginners and apprentices, you can charge anywhere from £0.02 to £0.06 per word and normally the employer will be fine with it. For apprentices/beginners to work for minimum wage (£0.02-£0.06 per word) is a real gem for employers.

However, when you write articles you’re going to want to charge depending on how much effort you put into them. In my instance, on my Fiverr page, click here to view, I charge per level of engagement on my articles. This is my price list, but remember, it’s purely up to you how much you charge.

Brief article, 500 words…      £7.85 ($10)
Whatever category or plan you provide, I will provide a basic article of no longer than 500 words

Intermediate article, 1000 words…      £15.71 ($20)
A medium-length article with topic research covering a range of ideas

Elaborate, long-form article…      £23.56 ($25)
A fully-researched article citing all references, in PDF or raw form, fully structured w/ headings

2) Don’t be taken advantage of…Fiverr Prices.PNG

Notice how my prices aren’t cheap? If your prices are silly, no employer will take you seriously. And this is what my bio is on Fiverr:
Hello! I am a student and apprentice freelance writer, and I have passion & motivation to provide you with great articles, stories etc. I study A-Level English Literature, English Language, and German. Also, fine art on the side because it’s always been my passion.
I am proficient in Microsoft programs, and can create easy-to-read documents and lesson plans- I have previously worked as a journalist for a company which employs global journalists, the pay was excellent and it brought me nothing but joy to produce great work and be paid for it! Drop me a message and we can get started!

3) Optimise Your Online Presence

Marketing- you need to build yourself a visual. For example, I founded Yellow Scribe to steer away from my name, in case people didn’t remember it. ‘Kaitlyn Pibernik’ isn’t anywhere near as catchy as Yellow Scribe and that’s because I’ve developed myself an image and a color scheme. The social media platforms I have are Instagram (@yellowscribe), LinkedIn (@pibernik), and Fiverr (@katepibernik). All of them have logo art from an app called Logo Maker, which I would highly recommend. You can design a logo, and it saves it in a zip file in lots of different variations, eg. Twitter header, profile photo, LinkedIn cover photo, profile photo, and just every combination you can think of. This actually also includes a transparent GIF Image which is great for email signatures and applying to emails, posts and cover letters. I’ll list a few apps that I’d recommend for  and why:

Image result for google suiteGoogle Suites includes Docs, Hangouts, Drive, Chrome, Pages (website builder included in the package), Plus+, Calendar and Gmail. I cannot stress how useful these are to me as a writer. Hangouts is a great way to communicate with clients, you can get the app on any phone and chat on the go, which makes your customer-client communication reputation very good. Docs is brilliant. On docs, you can add comments and feedback about the work, share access and do so much more. I will include these skills in another article titled ‘How G Suite Helped My Writing Career,’ so I won’t blabber on too much about G Suite here.

Image result for slackSlack and Meistertask are great organizational apps for businesses, and you can access them on PC and phone, just like G Suite. It’s super useful for you to shove these all in the same folder too, I’ve titled mine ‘work’. Slack is a ‘To Do’ app, and the admins can add tasks and the rest of the team can check them off when done, and it keeps everyone in the same place. Related imageMeistertask is similar, and it keeps every member of the team on the same track. I’d recommend since they’re free and sleek.

Image result for paper appFor project planning, I would 100% recommend ‘Paper, a project planning app for absolutely any line of work. This app provides a template for your plan, and you can click and type. Alongside this, you can add images and files, and share the document with people that don’t have the app- it just displays as a pdf.

Image result for wordpressWordPress, the real MVP. WordPress is and has always been my favorite platform to blog on, and the fact that it’s so versatile is why it always wins me over. I’ve caved to worse sites like Weebly and others… But I always come crawling back to WordPress admitting defeat. You can add a blog post with a single click, and I think it’s excellent.

Image result for fiverrFiverr is an amazing way for you to present your work with a catchy headline, and get paid easily.
You just need to create a profile, get some great business art and wait to be verified. Even though I haven’t, I’d recommend paying for advertising.

So, all in all. I hope you found these ideas useful, and I’ll be posting a definitive list of the articles I’m planning to write soon. They’ll all be along the lines of helping out the budding writers, but a few are going to be aimed at building my portfolio, so they’ll be different forms of writing.

Please don’t hesitate to email me regarding anything, my inbox is always open.


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